History of Karamsad Samaj UK

History of Karamsad Samaj UK

Karamsad Samaj was formed on 5th Dec 1971 in Vivian Hall, Wembley. A few men had a mission to get Karamsad vasis together, by organizing events and activities. They gave up their valuable time and worked zealously for this cause. This dedication and determination can still be found in the community today.

The main men in the early days were:
(Late) Rambhai M Patel (C.A) First President.
(Late) MahendraBhai M Patel
BalwantBhai C Patel (Choksi) First Secretary
Dr NatuBhai C Patel
Raskhikbhai B Patel
KantiBhai D Patel
(Late) Rambhai H Patel (MBE)

The first circular went out in 1971 to approximately 50 families. By 1979 there were 450 families, and now in 2004, there are 1400 families across the UK who are registered with us.

The committee had joined to serve KS UK for many reasons. Some say because they felt passionately about their gham, some wanted to serve their community, but most importantly, it was all about getting people together to make one family.

Having come from Karamsad and parts of East Africa, friends were made and re-united and created a home away from home. As many people were moving from India contact was lost, so by creating a Samaj like this enabled people to establish contacts and friends were re-united once again.

The community can be proud in the fact that they were the first gham in the chha gham community to hold events to get people together. They set the trend of many an organization to learn and develop their own communities.

Karamsad Samaj UK and its members have a lot to be proud of. In the past 33 years they have accomplished a lot, which you will read about later. KS UK have embraced the 21st century and with the same passion and determination will continue with its mission to serve its community and make one big family.