Other Famous People

Other Famous People from Karamsad

Below shows some of the other famous people from Karamsad.

Indubhai G Patel

  • Indubhai G Patel was involved in the formulation of Policy and Management of the Economy after the Independence of India.
  • Trained as an Economist in UK and USA
  • Between 1954-1982, worked in the Governments of 4 Prime Ministers (Nehru, Shastri, Indira Gandhi and Morarji Desai).
  • One interregnum was 1972-1977 when he took up an assignment with the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)
  • Became a Secretary to the Government in the Finance Ministry in his early 40’s and worked with Finance Ministers from C. D Deshmukh onwards.
  • Was also Governor of the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) in 1977-1982.
  • Was in many ways the ultimate insider.
  • Was Director of The London School of Economics for 2 terms.
  • Her Majesty, The Queen for his Services, knighted Dr. I G Patel.

Shree Maganbhai Naranbhai Patel (First man from Karamsad in East Africa)

  • Born in Karamsad in 1875
  • Educated in an English Medium School
  • First Patel to arrive in East Africa after traveling by a Dhow in a very risky and dangerous way and landed in a strange & unknown place at Mombasa in 1896.
  • Encouraged many others to follow him. His patriotic and humble feelings inspired him to call many fellow Patels from Karamsad and other parts of Gujarat and gave them every assistance in their settlement.
  • Assisted all those who moved in finding employment and residence.
  • Was very well respected in the Patel community, even after he died in 1932.

Other Famous People Of Karamsad

  • Kumari Maniben Patel, the daughter of Sardar Patel, had sacrificed her life for the cause of the nation and the community. She remained unmarried as a protest against the evil of the Dowry System in the Patidar community.
  • Karamsad is proud to have Patidars of eminence. Magambhai Naranbhai Patel (Mota) was the first Patel to arrive in East Africa, Mombasa in 1889. His adventurous and patriotic spirit led many Patidars of Karamsad and from other parts of Gujarat to settle in East Africa.
  • Mota’s nephew Dhurabhai Kashibhai (D.K. Patel) was secretary to the general manager of Kenya Farmer’s Association. He helped many Patels and Indians to get jobs and settled them in Kenya.
  • Chandrakant C. Patel, a civil engineer, was the Chief Secretary in the Ministry of Civil Services.
  • Karamsad has many institutions in the fields of education, religion, and social areas. These institutions evolved from generous donations.
  • Gordhanbhai Hathibhai, donated for Nursing School and Operation Theatre in Karamsad.
  • Babubhai Zaverbhai Patel donated for hospital.
  • Two brothers Bhailabhai Kashibhai Patel and Ambalal Kashibhai Patel had donated for schools, hospitals, and religious centers. They established and raised Hariba Charitable Trust and Kashibhai Bajibhai Patel Trust, through witch they are donating to social, educational, and religious institutions throughout India.
  • Dr. Jashbhai Gordhanbhai donated a hospital and other charitable institutions in the town.
  • Nephews of Somabhai Nathabhai Patel, Shantilal Revabhai Patel, Manibhai Kishabhai Patel, Jethabhai Vagjibhai Patel, Hariprasad Dhayabhai Patel, Chunibhai Patel, Jashbhai Raja, Hariprasad Rambhai Patel & sons and many others have donated generously in social, educational, and religious institutions the the town.
  • Karamsad is proud of Bhikhabhai Kuberbhai Patel (Bhikhakaka), who dedicated his life for the cause of educaton and raising standards of educational institutions. He played a key role in developing Vallabh Vidyanagar along with Bhaikaka of Sojrita.
  • Karamsad is proud to have social workers Natubhai Manibhai Patel (member of Parliament), Chunibhai Maljibhai Patel (Pramukh Kheda District Local Board), Natubhai Revabhai Patel, Chimanbhai Narshibhai Patel (Jay Bhagwan), Ratilal Vallabhai Patel, Dhayabhai, Hathibhai (Rangoonwala), and Dr. Thakorbhai Khodabhai Patel, whose noble services to the citizens of Karamsad are always remembered.
  • Mahant Jankidas established the Shri Santram Mandir, which had decorated the town of Karamsad by fulfilling the social, cultural, and religious needs of the citizens of the town, as well as the surrounding villages.