Namaste and Welcome to Karamsad Samaj UK

Karamsad Samaj UK was first established in December 1971, and ever since we have come leaps and bounds into the present. Where we initially had a handful of people attend our events and the AGM, we now can boast a member count in the region of thousands!

Karamsad Samaj UK has set many records throughout its existence, we were one of the first Chh Gham Charotar societies to have an organisation in the UK, we were also one of the first ghams to recognise the need for cultural and community events like garba, family picnic days and dinner and dance events.

Karamsad Samaj UK is also the first of the Chh Ghams to have a healthy and successful Youth division, which aim at targeting the younger audience (10-35yrs) in recognising their Eastern culture, whilst combining it with the taste of the West.

It is due to the changing and fast developing times we live in that we are bringing to you your Karamsad Samaj – OnLine! We are a dedicated and committed team of individuals ranging from our senior office bearers, trustees, lifetime members, youth team, and all our volunteers. Karamsad Samaj UK aim to provide a comfortable and enjoyable forum for people of all ages to find something special about our gham that fulfils all your needs.

Karamsad Samaj UK, listens to all your suggestions and will act accordingly, if you would like to voice your opinion or make any suggestions then please contact us using this website or call any of our committee members.

On behalf of the Karamsad Samaj UK team, I take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to visit this site and supporting our efforts.

Please take a look at our various sections, and please comment on any changes or additional content you would like to see. This is your site and your gham after all!

Happy Clicking!

Mahendrabhai Patel
(Karamsad Samaj President)